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Notion Template - Create quarterly board reports with GRID

Lou Attal
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Create and integrate charts from your databases - Available in 🇬🇧 🇫🇷

Did you know you can now integrate data visualisations from your Notion databases, and even integrate them in your workspace? 🪄

Yep, that's the magic of GRID and this template will help you create a fantastic marketing board report in Notion, by easily integrating charts!

You'll find in this template many instructions about how to use GRID, step by step.

What's in this template?

Each report has a quarterly recap followed by four areas in which pages are pre-filled with databases for you to add your data in, and Embed blocks to integrate your elements made with GRID.

List of databases included:

  • North Star metric
  • Users & Accounts count
  • Costs per account created & subscribers
  • Employees per function
  • Employees Happiness
  • Employees Workload
  • Operating expenses
  • Yearly Revenues

Feel free to add any other databases that might be useful for your quarterly report! This is based on a generic use and you are encouraged to custom it according to your needs ✨

About GRID

GRID is a smart surface for working with numbers. What you might not know? It’s built on top of the most powerful spreadsheet engine on the web. GRID plays nicely with Notion databases, Google Sheet and Excel.

Start using GRID for free

How to use GRID integrations in Notion?

I made sure to include step by step instructions to guide you through your discovery of GRID!

If you prefer a video format, watch my GRID tutorial video to learn about how to integrate beautiful data visualisations into Notion:

On my way to YouTube

This template is available in English and French 🇬🇧 🇫🇷

If you have any specific demands regarding Notion, questions or custom templates requests, you can reach me at

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Notion Template - Create quarterly board reports with GRID

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